UtilityBelt embeds lua 5.1 as a scripting language, allowing users to write scripts to read game data and control the client. It uses MoonSharp behind the scenes. Lua was chosen for its simplicity, hopefully allowing new users to pick it up fairly quickly.

Before getting started with scripting in UtilityBelt you will want at least a moderate understanding of lua or you may quickly run into trouble following some of these guides. It is outside the scope of this documentation to provide a full introduction to lua, but listed below are some resources you can use to get acquainted with the language.

[!TIP] Make sure you check out the Reading the API docs section in the overview to understand how the API docs translate to lua code.


URL Description
Tutorials Point A full overview / tutorial of the lua language.
Programming in Lua A book with an in-depth look into programming in lua. Online Demo A website that allows you to run lua scripts in your browser.
Learn Lua in 15 Minutes A quick guide to lua, mainly focused around syntax. Useful if you already have a programming background.
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